Scuba diving, Water sports and Parasailing in Tarkarli

Enjoy breath stopping moments by doing adventure sports like scuba diving in Tarkarli or Malvan, Water sports – Jet sky, Banana boat, Speed boat, Dolphin ride and Para-sailing.

  • Malvani Food :-

That’s right, gorging on delicious authentic malvani food has to be the most important activity of all. Mackerel and mud crabs roasted on coal fire is a dish unique to konkan. For a vegetarian, malvani tomato curry that tastes as good as any fish curry is the USP of malvani veg cuisine.

  • Scuba Diving :-

Scuba diving can be done at Malvan city near Sindhudurga fort. But the spot at Tarkarli is deeper & more beautiful than Malvan. There is also an institute of scuba diving in Tarkarli that offers fifteen days training program for professional scuba diving.


  • Water Sport : –

Just for fun we have water sport activities at Tsunami island in the Karli river. Dolphin ride, banana ride, parasailing etc. can be enjoyed at the fullest.



  • Parasailing At The Beach:-

Parasailing can also be enjoyed  with the help of the jeep at Tarkarli beach.





  • Meditation:-

The second best activity after enjoying Malvani food is relaxing on the beach.Just wind down, sit on the beach watch the waves and breathe in & out in sync with each wave; puts you in state of bliss.